Wednesday 2 January 2013

Plants from old Christmas decorations

We finally got rid of a garland/swag/thing decoration this year. It's something we've had for a long time and was always put across the fireplace.  As I was stuffing it into a black bin-liner, I realised it had a whole bunch of interestingly shaped bits and pieces attached to it.  I plucked them all off and kept them.

Here's what some of them turned into:

I mounted them on 2in squares of plasticard, modelled exposed roots with epoxy putty and added tendrils made of wire coming from the openings.  Painted, I think they look quite good.  I like the dotted lines that make some of the spheres a little melon-like.

I'm imagining them having special rules in some games.  Like this: you can use them for cover, but for every save made because of them, you have to roll another D6.  Should it be a 1, the bulbous gas-sac explodes and does template-based damage in a given radius. Maybe they could even be targeted  exploding on a penetrating hit.

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