Tuesday 14 June 2016

Games Expo mini haul...

Sam and Emma getting their own armies ready

Sam building his Meganobs, Emma painting her Necrons.  They're very jolly Necrons, with complicated back-stories involving school friends, arguments over who is better, unlikely friendships and many other things I never realised Necrons would care about.

Converting Wraithlords

Some WIP shots of the wraithlod custimisations.

Progress! Sort of.

So, the last post was September, which coincided with a new job in a new school in a rearranged faculty, all of which was announced with very little notice. So I've been busy.

Also, Fallout happened, so there was another option to lure me away, and one that was neat, tidy and has a "save game" feature that I wish modelling had.

But I'm back into it.  Probably gone a little mad upon return, to be honest.

  • I've bought a bunch of Dark Eldar because I have an idea for a few diorama involving a techno-Victorian (more Gothic than steampunk) planet with a small, cut-off DE band that is partially naturalised and become the horrors of the night for the population. Hulking Talos in the shadows, Scourges flitting across ramshackle rooftops in the dusk, mysterious figure with a cape, top-hat and the most vicious knives and scalpels you've ever seen.
  • I bought the Imperial Knights: Renegade box.  From Element Games, it was £100. That's two knights and some buildings, so £45 per knight and £10 for buildings, say?  If they can sell them at this price, why is everything else so expensive?
  • I had a Wraithknight, Wraithseer and Skitarii start-collecting box for my birthday.  
  • I've bought a bunch of reaper bones minis, some wasteland 70mm resin figures, Oathsworn metal minis and one from Relic, all from the UK Games Expo.
  • Finally, +Daniel Goldsmith gave me a bunch of old metal wraithlords (from when they were called Eldar dreadnoughts) that are now all stripped and started to get customised using the pile of bits I have, along with two plastic wraithlords. When I'm done, I think I'll have 10 wraithlords, each unique in pose and load-out.
So, I might not have done much painting, but I now have at least a year's worth ahead of me and plans for them all.