Saturday 26 January 2013

For the low, low price of £1

Stores that sell things for £1 (or 99p, or even 98p) are everywhere these days. I'm addicted to them, fascinated by them and generally pleased and disappointed in equal measure.

Recently, I bought a big bag of National Trust bird food for £1.  WIN!
I bought two rubber-foam-stuff kneeling pads for 99p. WIN! (these will soon become hills for the tabletop),
And I also bought a set of craft knives, in a box, for 99p.  EPIC WIN!  Oh, wait:
OK, maybe that wasn't such a good buy. That goes on the pile with the tripod that breaks under the weight of a (smallish) camera and the pliers that only open half a centimetre, the jaws of which don't quite fit together properly.

So, it's about 50:50 win/loss. But if you got odds like that at a casino, I'd maybe start gambling there, too.

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