Tuesday 1 January 2013

More figures painted

I now have 23 figures painted.  That's 10 muster infantry, 2 muster heavy weapons, 1 muster commander and 10 Zidhe, all from www.15mm.co.uk.  That's enough to play the Terminus: Planet-Fall scenario from www.barkingirons.co.uk.

I kept the painting fairly simple.  Just a few colours for each army. I'm using mostly Vallejo Model Colour paints for miniatures and the 70p to £1.50 tubs/tubes from Hobbycraft/The Works/Hooties/etc for terrain.

For these 15mm models, I'm also not doing any shading (well, very little).  I'm using Army Painter Quickshade to add shading and a tough gloss coat.   I've tried quickshade on 28mm fibures in the past and not been impressed, but when compared to trying to shade endless squads of 15mm figures, it seemed worth another go.  Very lazy, but very quick and the results is pretty good. I'm leaving them gloss because I quite like it on these small figures, but you can get a mattifying spray.

I've also almost finished the hill I've stood some of the models on for the photo.  It needs a last highlight  on the rock (pale blue-white) and a few layers of greens on the grass.  I may add some tufts of grass to areas that models can't use, too.

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