Sunday 16 August 2015

In which the number of excuses becomes smaller...

Progress on anything has been... patchy. Slow.  Intermittent.

I haven't had a work area for a long time. Not since child number 2 claimed the third bedroom. For work, this hasn't been much of a problem. I've switched to using a laptop and trying to be paperless.

But for painting it has been a disaster.  I claimed a small area of the conservatory a long time ago and packed all my stuff into it.  Tightly.  I then unpacked what I needed onto the dining-room table as I wanted to do something.  What this means is I need to have double (at least) motivation to work on something.  Not only do I need to feel awake and in the mood for some painting or modelling, but I also need to feel excited enough about it to unpack it all and put it back again at the end. Not only that, but as time has gone on, it has become harder and harder to find anything under the growing pile and the mounting disorganisation.

So, after spending weeks of my holiday decorating various parts of the house (including some art on the walls, which was fun) I expanded my territory in the conservatory and created a real workspace.  Everything I needed was already somewhere in the house and garage, it just needed putting together.  The desk is the one I finished my undergraduate project and PhD thesis at, the lamps have been in the shed for years, the drawers were taken out of my daughter's room last time I decorated it and put new furniture in for her. And so on.

It's glorious! Now, if I can manage an hour, I can spend that hour just painting. No need to set up the spray booth, untangle the compressor hoses, find my brushes from whichever shoe-box I left them in,

Let's see if this means I have more to write about, too.

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