Monday 24 August 2015

Double lamp power!

I've been coveting other people's workspaces lately.  Now I have my own corner set up, I've been trying to optimise it and steal everyone else's good ideas. One thing I've seen more than once is a double-lamp setup in which two angle-poise lamps are used to make a kind of arch over the work area, angled slightly so the light is falling on the front of whatever is held in the sweet spot.

My own lighting was cobbled together from the spare lamps in the garage, but even with a whole array of spots and lamps, there were horrible shadowy patches and while working I was having to move the minis around to see them in better light.

No more! At Ikea on Sunday I picked up two lamps with clamps instead of bases (£8.50 each) and two daylight bulbs (£7 each). There might be better bulbs than the 5000K 600lm Ikea ones, but they work well enough for now and the whole thing cost just £31, which is fantastic.  I'll do some research and may replace them in the future but right now I'm really enjoying the nice bright and even lighting.

The arms are flexible and long enough that I've managed to put them at the extremes of the work surfaces and can still arrange them both to be over the painting area, airbrush booth, or the cutting/gluing table on the right.

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