Wednesday 7 May 2014

Jetseer base, continued

After getting the colours how I wanted them (see the previous post) I gave it a coat of matte varnish and added some static grass and Army Painter tufts.

Now time for water.  I used clear tape to build a temporary wall around the base.

The scenic water seeps through gaps (bitter experience)  so I went around the underside join with thick PVA and allowed it to dry before going any further.

A thin layer of scenic water was added and then it's a matter of waiting.

It took a couple of days to cure fully and unfortunately there were a couple of strange holes in the finish, so I decided to add a second thin layer of water to fill the gaps.

And here it is. Surface tension pulled the edges up, so I trimmed them with a sharp knife. I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out.  The jetbike and seer still need painting, so that's next on the list. I think I might use some masking tape to get a nice clean black ridge along the bottom to tidy up and make it look finished.

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