Thursday 24 April 2014

Jetseer base

So, my jetseer needed a base, too.  I really wanted to make something special since I've been taking so much time on the mini itself.

I decided to make a base with some greenery and some water.  Water because I've been wanting to try making a water base.  Greenery because I found some great twigs with lichen on them.

The base is cut from a spare top from my growing collection of Poundland drawers. Here  are the drawers in the middle of my organised chaos.

They come in packs, but the tops come off so you can make taller towers.  I have a bunch of spare tops and I use them as little trays, but I realised that they are also a source of sheet plastic.
I took a corner so that I could use the ridge to help build height and as something to anchor the wire that supports the jetbike.

Here's the piece:
And with a wire and lichen-ey twig...

 Trying out the jetbike on the suppoort...
Next, I added some plaster rocks. I made a batch of these a while ago using some plaster moulds. I only needed a few back then, but made enough to last for a few projects. I filled in around the rocks with air-drying clay and pressed in some smaller rocks.

The idea is that the ground will slope down to the water and the water will stretch to the edge of the base. See how I used clay to extend the twig into the ground?  I was chuffed with how that turned out.

Now for gravel, sand and flock.

Happy with the shape, composition and texture, I gave everything a spray of thin PVA, let that dry and then a coat of spray varnish.  I like the lichen, but don't want it squidgy, or changing shape with heat or moisture. Once everything was encased in PVA and varnish for good measure, it all got a coat of black primer.

And now the colours start coming back by getting painted on. This was all airbrushed. I made sure to have a black shadow where the log and ground met, to enhance the depth. I think it worked well.

And drybrushing...

Next I need to add the static grass and water. I'll report on that soon.

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