Sunday 30 August 2015

My new favourite knife

I've always preferred a metal scalpel blade over the round-handled "x-acto" type. Maybe if I'd ever tried a good round-handled knife it would be different.  I've also never taken to using the knives with snap-off blades for hobbying. Until now.

I'm a big fan of Cult Pens and every so often I pick up a little bundle of pens and pencils.  Usually the ones on offer, or the cheap-but-interesting sort.  It's where my collection of small and disposable fountain pens came from.

Last time I was there, they were having an offer on knives by Olfa.  I bought the sharp-angled snap-off one, thinking it looked sturdy, with a steel body, and would be good for the tougher stuff.

When it came, I was surprised at how slim it was. It feels really well made and has a great mechanism.  The blade is moved by the black tab, as usual for this style, but rather than have a second tab for locking the blade, on this knife it's all within the slider and the blade only moves then you push or pull it due to some clever locking/unlocking mechanism.  You can feel the mechanism work and it gives a sensation of precision and sturdiness when it does.

The pocket clip is neat. I nearly just took it off as something to get in the way, but when I end up grabbing the knife for tasks away from my corner, it's been handy to be able to clip it to my shirt, or something near where I'm working.

It's now my favourite al-round knife. It's wickedly sharp, small enough to fit where I need it and it feels solid and controllable.

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