Sunday 17 March 2013


So, I have a plan.

Build an Eldar army from scrap/spare/found/cheap bits.  I'll build the ramshackle nature of the final thing into its own fluff: scattered orphans of a dozen destroyed worlds, joined together under the command of a new, young and frighteningly powerful farseer (Eldrad with a new name, natch) - you get the idea.

So far, I have:

  • 10 guardians.  I've got some spare Wraithlord weapons and intend to have them all magnetised so I can swap them in and out. I'm building a weapon platform for the guardian squad.
  • 1 warlock to hand around with the guardians casting embolden if necessary. Half built from odd bits of bodies.
  • 5 striking scorpions with exarch including home-made biting blade.  The blade is a bit bulky looking, but very spiky.  I quite like it, but will have to see how it looks painted. 
  • 1 Wraithlord.  It's the head/body/legs of an old Eldar dreadnought (something I wanted since I was a kid) with modern wraithlord arms and weapons.  I may see if I can get hold of some of the epic titans for parts or other bits.  I'm pleased with how this is going.
  • 7 rangers with sniper rifles.  These are actually made from wingless metal swooping hawks.  I chopped off the end of the guns and built long sniper rifle-like bits for them from thin aluminium and copper pipe.  I'm quite pleased with how these look so far. I intend to make cloaks for them if I can.  I was thinking about building a light framework of clear plastic (from packaging)  and draping thin material over it and then painting it with thin PVA.  I need to experiment.
  • Eldrad character.  Pretty much a complete metal model that just needs something doing to the staff.
This is all just what I can knock together with the odd piles of stuff I have from ebay and the rare individual bargain to be found there.

I'm aiming to start with around a 1000 point list.  The only thing I haven't really got a start on but want for the list is a small squad of warp spiders for general harassment while the wraithlord and rangers shoot stuff and the striking scorpions fight things that get too close to the guardians.   

If the list gets bigger, I really want a squad of 10 wraithguard so that they're troops and add their own warlock so they don't go blind randomly. I love the idea of wraithguard troops.  I might also like to increase the ranger and guardian squad size.

Photos will be coming soon...

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